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Quality policy

Donati srl is always looking for further original and innovative solutions aimed at offering high quality products and services.
That’s why its main objective is the growth of the company, through technological innovation and human resources development, in order to provide a better customer service, by following the marketplace standards and all the regulations.

To achieve this goal, the company uses the Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 guidelines, as an organizational pattern that can measure and improve company performances and therefore also the relationship with clients, employees and suppliers.

The Quality Management System used by the company, is based upon rules and practice that are arranged with all the organization’s member (employees and partners) and formalized with specific documents and procedures, which must be followed and respected by each operational group of the company.

On this basis, Donati srl strategies and specific targets are:

  • Management serious dedication, in order to guarantee a non-stop improving process
  • supervision and maximization of the company procedures, to correct all the non-compliance that can cause waste and deficiencies
  • staff involvement in the targets achievement
  • full collaboration and attention to the client, in order to understand the individual needs and give prompt answers as well as suitable solutions
  • to measure the company performances, even through the comparison with other similar entities
  • to maintain appropriate resources for the structure
  • to organize formative focused interventions, aimed at maintaining the staff specific skills
    and ensuring professional growth.
  • to establish targets, that are congruent with the company resources and with the role that Donati srl fulfills in its expertise field
  • implementation of an efficient risk approach 


These targets can be achieved only with the commitment of the entire staff. Therefore, each manager is required to make their co-workers aware, in order to:

  • ensure the compliance with the procedures and the operative rules
  • guarantee the observance of the established roles
  • achieve the quality objectives set for the company’s expertise field
  • erase inefficiencies and advance proposals for the continuous improvement of the processes
  • increase their own knowledge and enrich their cultural baggage
  • guide collaborators through example and involvement
  • respect the diversities (of opinion, culture, religion, language, skin color..)